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  • Last weekend the weather was so nice, that my friend Glenn, and I decided to work on the outside area around my house (7th street and South Saratoga street). We started with my yard, we planted all my plants in the ground. and it continued....

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    Created on Mar-03-10 by tami
  • On March 21 we started building the Faubourg Delassize Community Garden. The grass was cut, trees were planted, and half of the lot was cleared!

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    Created on Mar-22-10 by Rachel
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    Created on May-17-10 by Rachel
  • We finished spreading woodchips and built 4 raised beds! Thanks to all who helped out!

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    Created on May-10-10 by Rachel
  • The ultimate goal of farming...

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    Created on Mar-31-10 by Camille
  • Saturday, Lea and Stacy (from GREENBUILD) and I jumped in and did a pre-clean up at 7th and Danneel Street. The empty lots next to the corner store are filled with trash, we tackled some of it, but it still needs a lot of attention.

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    Created on Mar-14-10 by tami
  • I gathered up some neighborhood kids and we worked in the garden- until we ran out of cardboard.

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    Created on Apr-24-10 by tami
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    Created on Mar-15-10 by Rachel
  • I sampled a few lettuce leaves, radishes, mint, rosemary, and a tomato (thanks Camille) and it made a fabulous Salad!

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    Created on Mar-31-11 by tami
  • Our Tree Planting day was such a success- Thank you to all who assisted in hauling ,digging, transporting , watering- and the overall "Greening Up" of our neighborhood!

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    Created on Apr-12-10 by tami

Faubourg Delassize Community Garden
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